My Story

I began my quest to help and lead others over 20 years ago in the hospitality industry. As I climbed the ranks I found my calling as a leader and trainer. I truly loved leading and training others to succeed in our business. I am grateful for this path, however, when my son was born I realized it was taking a toll on my health and personal life. Time for change.

I took some time off. During this time I decided to get help. Sobriety is now my superpower. I changed everything and began doing personal training and nutrition coaching. Which was another huge positive addition to my life. Flash forward over 5 years later my decision to get sober allowed me to be the best version of myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. It also allowed me to do what I love, connect, train, and help people achieve their dreams.

When COVID hit my life changed again. Another life changing growth, learning phase, and adaptation to all things new. I had already softly started my real estate career, however, COVID changed everything as we all know. Luckily I choose to change me. The profound journey I have had for the last 5 years of my life has prepared me for where I am today. To grow relationships and help people. God put me here to help and guide others.

I have the knowledge, network, and expertise to navigate this everchanging real estate market. I am a market specialist for Middle Tennessee with emphasis on Franklin and Williamson County. I am dedicated to be your trusted advisor for you and your family.

Real Estate has been a blessing. I am truly grateful everyday that I get to meet and connect with so many great human beings. I look forward daily to speaking with those I know and meeting new people. The business is a byproduct of the relationships that we grow.

I am grateful to get to know you and your story. Please contact me, I can help. Have a wonderful day.